Frequently Asked Questions


Is there parking? 
Yes, we have free parking for all of our members and guests. Please give you registration to our staff to put on file so that you aren't caught up in any parking enforcement that may take place.

Can I use the sauna?
Yes, simply tell the member of staff on-duty when you come into the gym that you would like to use it and they will switch it on for you. The sauna takes approximately 15 minutes to heat up so best to tell us on the way in!

Are there changing facilities and showers?
Yes. The showers have dispensers with shower gel, and laundry bags are available for any dirty kit.

Are there lockers?
Yes. Our lockers take old pound coins or trolly-tokens. Unfortunately, our lockers do not accept the new pound coins, so we keep a handful of old coins upstairs in case you're caught out. 

How do I cancel my membership?
If you are not contractually obliged to continue your membership, you may cancel your membership. You need to do this in writing (email us at with at least one months notice for us to put it through the system. 

Can I freeze my membership?
Yes, under certain conditions, please check our terms & conditions. Freezing your membership means that you will not have to repay the £30 enrolment fee when you return. The easiest way to freeze your membership is to email us at stating when you would like to freeze your membership along with an estimate of how long you will need to freeze for.

I think I left something at the gym, do you have lost property?
You are responsible for your property whilst using the gym, however, any items handed in by fellow members or found by our staff will be held for a minimum of one week. Please enquire at the front desk or email us at

Can I bring a friend to the gym?
Yes, but they will need to buy a Day Pass like any visitor to the facility. Guests of members receive a 20% discount on their Day Passes (£10 reduced down to £8).  Additionally, anyone using the facilities needs accept the Terms & Conditions and Waiver, they can do this by creating an account online beforehand, or at the front desk on arrival.

I was given several free passes at Richmond Station, how can I use them?

From time to time Richmond Olympus staff will hand out free day passes as part of a marketing incentive. We hope you’ll like the club and become a monthly member, but you can also purchase day passes as an alternative if you wish to use the club without a regular payment. 

Free days passes are a one-time use offer; that is to say, any person in receipt of free day passes, can only use one free pass in any twelve month period.  These passes are intended as a free introduction, when you present your pass, you will be registered as a visitor and will not be able to present another free pass until the elapse of twelve months. We hope you enjoy your free use, but it is a one time use, and is not intended to allow for repeated free use of the facilities. We trust in your understanding of the matter.